January 09, 2012

Big Girl Beds

We are transitioning to big girl beds.  Miss S was the lucky recipient of a handmade bed (built by her paternal grandfather) for Christmas this year.  She absolutely loves it.

The girls enjoying Miss S's new bed
The delivery was cloaked in secrecy.  I took the girls out after Miss C's nap in the afternoon.  We went to the shops for a couple of hours.  Then we arrived home and watched the reactions from the girls as they saw their new rooms.
Miss C was a very good independent sleeper in her crib.  I could lay her down for a nap or at bedtime, give her a kiss, turn out the lights and she would go to sleep without a problem.  Now that we have the bed, she is needing a little transition time to sleep as she did before.  

I have been sitting in her room (in the corner by the door) as she lays in bed and falls asleep.  This has taken between fifteen minutes and an hour.  I'm hoping that she will soon be comfortable enough for me to sit for a few minutes and then stay in bed when I leave the room. 

Once she is asleep, she will stay in her bed all night.  I don't mind sitting there as this is my quiet time.  It gives me time to think through my day, plan the next day, enjoy watching Miss C. as she falls asleep and let my mind rest for a few moments.  

Are you sleep training?  Do you have any experiences to share?

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