January 30, 2012

A Morning In My Life

5:30 am - my alarm goes off and I stumble out of bed to the bathroom.

5:45 am - Miss C is awake.  She always hears me tip-toe around in the morning.  Change her training pants and then head downstairs to prepare breakfast.  Put Miss S's lunch bag into her backpack.

6:00 am - wake Miss S and eat breakfast with the girls.

6:20 am - shower and prepare myself for the day.

6:40 am - make sure Miss S is dressed and ready for school.  Dress Miss C.  Brush hair and teeth for both girls.

7:00 am - drive Miss S to the school bus stop.

7:10 am - arrive home and put on a load of laundry.  Put the dry dishes away and unload/load the dishwasher.

7:30 am - put on Winnie-the-Pooh for Miss C to watch while I clean the oven.  I had left the baking soda/borax/white vinegar mixture on overnight.  Now I need to thoroughly rinse it off.

7:45 am - Miss C comes to help me.  She uses the water in my clean rinsing bowl to "paint" her clothes with water.

8:00 am - finish cleaning/rinsing the oven and clean up the water all over the floor.

8:10 am - change Miss C's clothes.

8:15 am - build Lego towers with Miss C.  Turn off DVD player.

8:45 am - head to laundry room to swap laundry to tumble dryer and put new load on.  Miss C comes to help.

9:00 am - make sure DH has everything he needs for his business trip this week and Miss C and I say goodbye to him.

9:15 am - head back to kitchen while Miss C plays upstairs.  Today is Monday.  Laundry and kitchen cleaning day.  Clean the stove top and hobs.  Clean extractor fan.

9:30 am - Miss C comes into the kitchen looking for a snack.  Prepare her snack and continue cleaning. Clean counter tops and backsplash.

9:45 am - Miss C has finished her snack and wants to play.  We play upstairs with her puzzles.

10:00 am - time for my snack.  Swap over laundry load into tumble dryer.  Miss C comes to help again.  Fold and put away dry laundry.

10:30 am - check email and Etsy shop.

10:45 am - head back to the kitchen.  Wipe down cupboard doors/pantry door/fridge door and dishwasher.  Hand Miss C a damp cloth so she can "help" too.

11:10 am - prepare lunch for Miss C and myself.

11:30 am - time for Miss C's nap

11:45 am - Work on draft blog post.

12:00 pm - Clean up from breakfast / lunch.  Clean microwave.  Dry and buff the sink.  Sweep the floor.      

12:30 pm -  Sit down to rest and admire my clean kitchen.  If only it would stay like this for longer than 10 minutes!

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