January 04, 2012

Plans for 2012

It is the start of another new year, so over the past few days I have been thinking about my personal plans for 2012.  

Here is the list in no particular order:

1.  Switch to all natural household cleaners.  I have made a start with this, but would like to take all chemicals out of my home.  

2.  Add exercise to my weekly routine.  Walking (either outside or on the treadmill) and practising yoga a few times a week.  I have a few (too many!) baby pounds to lose.  I have noticed that I am out of breath more quickly while playing with the girls and I don't have the flexibility I once did.  I am aiming to improve this.  

3.  Eat a healthier, whole food diet.  We have made changes over the last year, but have a ways to go.  I am also trying to encourage the girls and DH to embrace the taste of healthier food.  

4.  Take more control over the budget.  The grocery bill makes up a large portion of our budget and I would like to try and take more control over this.  We live in an expensive city, so I will try to find ways to eat whole, healthy foods for less.  Repurposing is something else that interests me.  I am not a sewer, although I do have a machine.  I would like to see if I could make simple repairs, turn old clothes into cleaning cloths and so on.    

I would love it if you would come and join me on this journey.

What are your plans / goals for this new year?

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