March 19, 2013

Strange Dream

I had a strange dream on the weekend.

In the dream I was shopping at the grocery store and a film crew were filming me.  My cart was stacked high with groceries.  I paid and placed all the groceries back into the cart (loose, no plastic bags).  The film crew were still following me as I left the store.  

Once outside there was no car park.  I was actually in the countryside on a sunny day.  A small stream was in front of me and I tried to push the cart down the bank and across the stream.  It got stuck on the way into the stream and I had to use a lot of force to pull it back.  I looked around for a place to cross and found an area where the stream was not flowing.  I then started pushing the cart up a steep hill.  I managed to push it halfway up and then found it too steep.  

All of a sudden, the scenery changed and I was actually standing in the stream, on a flat piece of ground with the hill in front of me.  The absolute scary part was that there was a giant pinky/orange squid lying in the stream.  It opened its mouth (?) and I pushed the cart inside and then just stood there.  This was the moment when Miss C. came into the bedroom and woke me up (by pulling on the bedsheets).  Needless to say, I was very disoriented for a moment! 


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