March 26, 2013

Week in Review - March 18, 2013

*  The week started normally enough.  On Monday, I dropped Miss S off at her school bus, came home and cleaned my kitchen and had just put some laundry on when the phone rang.  It was the school advising me to come and collect Miss S as she was sick.  I packed up Miss C in the car, along with books (to entertain her), water for Miss S to drink, a damp washcloth (to wipe her face down if need be) and a couple of plastic grocery bags.  We arrived at the school and collected Miss S from the sick bay.  She had been fine when I put her onto the bus, but didn't feel good in the classroom and then had been ill in the restroom.  She had stomach flu.  For a day and a half, the only thing she could keep down was water.  She is better now, but the flu has made its way to Miss C and myself.  

*  Miss S returned to school on Thursday.  An announcement was made at assembly that she was one of the winners in the school's chocolate fundraiser.  The parents are given a box of 30 chocolate bars to sell and each child's name is then entered into a draw for a prize.  Miss S was so excited at the end of school.  She literally ran off the bus and into my arms to tell me that she had won a pink Easter bunny and it came with a basket of chocolate!

*  Parent/teacher interviews were held on Friday.  Miss S had an excellent report and we're very proud of her achievements.  The school alternates between student-led conferences and a traditional parent/teacher interview.  This term was the student-led conference.  Miss S, Miss C and I attended as DH was travelling for business again.  He travels every other week and has done for the last eight and a half years.  He tries his hardest to be in attendance for their events, but unfortunately was away for this interview.  We arrived in the classroom and found Miss S's table.  There the students have a sheet which guides them through the interview.  They have a number of activities to do, which relate to all that they have learned that term.  We spent a lovely hour looking through sketchbooks and work books and playing math games.  

*  DH and I were particularly excited for this weekend.  We had arranged for a sleepover for the girls at their grandparents.  They were so excited all week.  DH dropped them off mid-afternoon (with their pizza for dinner) and returned home.  We enjoyed a relaxing dinner.  I even managed to have hot food!  The latest James Bond was planned for the evening and we had just started watching the movie when the phone rang.  It was Miss C asking to return home.  Apparently, she had fun up until she realized that she had to stay there for bed.  It was pretty sad listening to her on the phone as she kept asking for a hug from mummy.  In the end, Grandpa drove her home and she went straight to bed - a happy little girl.  I think it was the shortest sleepover in history - a grand total of 2 1/2 hours!

*  Miss S had a lovely time at the sleepover.  Grandpa had arranged a visit to a neighbour's farm for the girls.  She petted bunnies, goats and new born chicks.

*  Spring Break is this week and I had planned a few activities for the girls. These will have to be adjusted, depending on how quickly Miss C and I feel better. Hopefully, the weather will stay nice so we can go to the park. This was one of the items on Miss S's list for the week. The temperature is varying between 8 - 12 celsius (highest temp. at mid-afternoon) with sun. It is -6C this morning, but the snow is finally melting, so I'm happy.  

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