April 24, 2013

Savouring the Moments

Are you sometimes too busy being mom to enjoy being a mom?

We sometimes run around so busy with chores, to-do lists and deadlines that we forget to enjoy the little people we're doing all that work for.  We put them on hold saying "in a moment", "not right now", "as soon as I finish this" and before we know it, the whole day has passed by without truly connecting.

Here are some ideas on savouring the small moments of mommyhood:

1. Cuddle together while reading a story.

2. Snuggle together in bed and watch your child sleep.

3. Be silly together.  Tell jokes, play tickle monster, make funny faces or sing silly songs.

4. Watch the joy on your child's face as they conquer a new skill - they are so proud of themselves, as are we.

5. Push your child on a swing and watch the happiness on their face.

6. Laugh together.

7. Look at your child when they are talking.  Focus on their eyes, the curves of their mouth and the fact that this beautiful child is yours.

8. Join in with their play instead of sitting on the sidelines.  Take a few minutes to play tag, complete a puzzle together or build a Lego tower.  Give yourself permission to have fun.

9.  Dance together.

10. Create together.  Play with play-dough, paint, draw, plant a garden or bake together.

Enjoy the small moments and fill your heart with joy.

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