May 01, 2013

25 Fun Learning Activities for Young Children

Here are 25 simple, every day activities to help children learn while having fun.

1. Read together.
2. Start a nature collection.  Collect rocks, shells, feathers or leaves.
3. Look up YouTube videos of animals.  What sounds do they make?
4. Play with play-dough. Great for practicing fine motor skills and creativity.
5. Visit a farm.
6. Sing or dance together.  
7. Place a bird feeder on your window or in your yard.  Draw the birds who come to visit.
8. Play with Lego. Create patterns or shapes. Spell words. Order the blocks by size.
9. Learn an instrument.
10. Do a puzzle.
11. Play with guess bags.  Fill paper bags or a pillow case with objects.  Tell your child to close their eyes and then using only their sense of touch, to identify the object.  Examples could be a ball, a book, a leaf, a pine cone or yarn.  Can they tell you what it feels like?  Is it hard, soft, squishy?
12. Grow a plant together. Use an eggshell or toilet paper rolls for starter seeds.  Grow herbs in tin can pots.
13. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.
14. Bake together.  Children practice their reading and math skills, learn about good nutrition and practice co-ordination skills.
15. Visit a science museum.
16. Play board games.
17. Make paper dolls.
18. Play bean bag toss to develop your child's gross motor skills.
19. Create a diorama (in a shoebox) using a scene from your child's favourite book.
20. Visit a zoo.
21. Play Simon Says.  This will help with listening and following through on verbal directions.
22. Show them a map.  Talk about where family and friends live.  Talk about where your food is from.
23. Play sorting games.  Use jars, plates with dividers or boxes.  Sort colours using paint chips.  Sort buttons to practice sizes and shapes.  Use craft punches to create shapes and sort by type (butterfly, star or apple).
24. Play with magnetic letters.
25. Visit a country fair.  A wonderful multi-sensory experience.

Have fun!

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