July 10, 2013

100 Summer Fun Ideas

100 Summer Fun Ideas

The girls and I have been busy putting together a list of fun summer activities that they would like to do.  Their ideas include "have a pillow fight", "see a deer" (Miss C) and "go berry picking", "take a bike trip" (Miss S).  

Here are 100 summer fun ideas for your family.

1.  Play at the playground
2.  Play in a paddling pool
3.  Go to a movie
4.  Swimming
5.  Visit a petting zoo
6.  Visit a beach and build a sandcastle
7.  Fly a kite
8.  Do a jigsaw puzzle
9.  Make homemade playdough
10. Visit a children's museum
11.  Attend story time at the library
12.  Build a Lego castle
13.  Go to the zoo
14.  Visit an amusement park
15.  Go to a farmer's market
16.  Play mini golf
17.  Visit a water park
18.  Camp in the backyard
19.  Go to a science centre
20.  Family bike ride
21.  Play a board game
22.  Make s'mores
23.  Put on a puppet show with homemade sock puppets
24.  Have a treasure hunt
25.  Put on a family talent show
26.  Go to a parade
27.  Have a picnic at the park
28.  Host a barbecue
29.  Visit a pick-your-own-fruit farm
30.  Plant a vegetable garden
31.  Go to a country fair
32.  Make your own sidewalk chalk
33.  Take a family nature hike
34.  Blow bubbles
35.  Go to a drive-in
36.  Join a summer reading club or make a summer reading list
37.  Make ice cream
38.  Learn a new skill or take a class as a family (juggling, a language, cooking)
39.  Go bird watching
40.  Play music and sing with traditional or homemade instruments
41.  Go horseback riding
42.  Create messy art in your backyard (finger / foot painting)
43.  Volunteer for a good cause
44.  Read with your children
45.  Have a dance party
46.  Go to an outdoor concert
47.  Have a family pillow fight
48.  Play bean bag toss
49.  Watch the sunset (or sunrise)
50.  Have a water balloon fight
51.  Play hopscotch
52.  Make paper airplanes
53.  Play balloon tennis
54.  Create an obstacle course and have races
55.  Play Simon Says
56.  Make a home movie
57.  Build a bird feeder
58.  Have a pajama day
59.  Write and illustrate a book (either as a family or individually)
60.  Bake cupcakes and let the children decorate them
61.  Do a fun science experiment
62.  Build a fort
63.  Go Geocaching
64.  Learn a magic trick
65.  See a play
66.  Go on a nature scavenger hunt
67.  Visit your local fire department
68.  Use old magazines to make collages
69.  Tour a factory
70.  Walk around your neighbourhood and play I Spy
71.  Have a family movie day with popcorn (great for a rainy day)
72.  Make a wind chime
73.  Play school with fun learning activities
74.  Draw pictures
75.  Visit the pet store
76.  Take a trip to a river or lake and teach your children how to skip rocks
77.  Play hide and seek
78.  Start a nature collection (rocks, shells)
79.  Make a time capsule
80.  Make homemade jam
81.  Spend an afternoon gazing at clouds
82.  Plan a theme week
83.  Go fishing
84.  Chase butterflies
85.  Visit a local attraction (corn maze, historical park, botanical garden)
86.  Make tin can stilts
87.  Visit a local recreation centre
88.  Jump rope
89.  Have a play date
90.  Visit grandparents
91.  Make an "All About Me" book
92.  Visit a honeybee apiary and learn how honey is made
93.  Make a sun catcher
94.  Paint your own pottery at a studio
95.  Ride a train
96.  Play Frisbee
97.  Watch fireworks (or light sparklers)
98.  Bake something for a neighbour
99.  Make your own "Flat Stanley" and take him / her on your adventures
100.  Take a nap!

Have a happy summer.   

(edited: I had "build a fort" twice, so I changed one to "play bean bag toss".)

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