August 12, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday - August 12, 2013

The weather...
Hot with thundershowers.  Highs of 30C.   

Right now I am...

Enjoying the quiet.  The girls are in bed and DH is visiting his family.  


That I hope I recover soon from my zipline adventure.  I have much to do this week and I don't like the feeling of slowing down due to injury.   

On my reading pile...

A Royal Duty by Paul Burrell

On the menu for this week...

Monday: Gammon steak with baked beans and poached eggs 
Tuesday: Spaghetti bolognaise with salad
Wednesday: Dinner out
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Dinner out
Saturday: Hamburgers with salad
Sunday: Roast chicken with trimmings

On my to do

Clean my fridge
Write grocery list
Return books to library

On my to do list...this week
Look through recipe books for inspiration

What I am creating this week...

Looking forward to this week...

Day trips out with family enjoying the beautiful weather. 

Looking around the house...
Toys to pick up, papers to file, a clean kitchen as DH did the dishes for me.  

From the camera...

The girls in a bobsleigh

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