August 07, 2013

How to Test Eggs for Freshness

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If you are not sure how long that carton of eggs has been in your fridge, here's a quick tip to check how fresh they are.

Place an egg in a deep bowl filled with cold water.

If the egg sinks to the bottom, it is very fresh.  These are great for poached eggs for perfect Eggs Benedict!

If the egg sinks but stands on end, it is approximately one to two weeks old and is okay to eat.  These will be great for hard boiled eggs as the larger air sac will make these easier to peel. 

If the egg floats, it is stale.  Do not consume.

The reason for this is that an egg forms a small air sac when it cools down after being laid.  As egg shells are porous, as it ages, the air sac becomes larger.  Meaning that an older egg is lighter and will float in water.

Eggs should be used within two to three weeks.   

Do you have any egg freshness tips?   


  1. Ooh! I didn't know these tricks!! Thanks for sharing at Fancy This Fridays! We featured you today! ;)

    1. Kassi, so glad you came to visit! Thanks so much for the feature. :)


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