September 04, 2013

Homemade Ice Packs

Homemade Ice Packs

Ice packs are great for keeping food cold on picnics, fixing "boo-boos" and helping ease the pain and swelling from bumps and bruises.  Homemade ice packs can be customized to suit your family.  

Rubbing Alcohol Ice Pack

Put 1 part rubbing alcohol and 3 parts water into a zip top bag.  Press out as much air as possible and place into a second zip top bag.  Food colouring can be added in your child's favourite colour or just to distinguish the bag as an ice pack.  Freeze flat.

Washcloth Ice Pack

Fold a washcloth into quarters.  Wet it thoroughly and place into a zip top bag to freeze.  For children, use their favourite colour or character/superhero.  You can also use a red washcloth for any boo-boos that bleed.  For adults, use a small handtowel.

Sponge Ice Pack

Soak a sponge in water and then freeze in a zip top bag.  This is ideal for children's lunch boxes as they are safe and not too expensive should your child lose one (or two!).  

Water and Salt Ice Pack

Add 2 tablespoons of salt to 2 cups of water and put into a zip top bag to freeze.  

Corn Syrup Ice Pack

Fill a zip top bag about 3/4 full of corn syrup.  Add food colouring if wanted.  Place into freezer.  

Double bag the baggies (with zips on opposite ends) or vacuum seal to help prevent leaking.  Wrap all ice packs in a cloth before using.

Have you tried any of these?  What do you use in your family?    


  1. Good tips! I never thought of making my own.

  2. Great list! I used the rubbing alcohol and water ice pack tons and tons after my hip surgery. It worked almost as well as the ice pack from the hospital and was very inexpensive to make. I love your idea of adding food coloring to make it a little more fun for the kiddos.
    Thanks for the idea.

  3. Came across your blog and love the idea's you have for home made ice packs. Always good to have one hand since you never know when it will come in handy. I would love to have you to link up at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop:

    I hope you can make it!
    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  4. Hi good post, got a valuable information about Ice packs. Thank you for the post.


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