September 26, 2013

My Daily Schedule

I like having a daily schedule.  Schedules provide a basic structure to my day and help the children feel secure as they know what to expect next. But remember you also have to be flexible with your time when you are a mom to little ones!

To make a daily schedule, set up a document in Word or Excel with columns for the time and the tasks you have to do.  Start by looking at your day.  Are there tasks you have to do at a certain time?  For example, waking up at the same time every day to ensure your children are at the school bus stop on time, after school activities, nap times for the little ones and meal times.  

Next, schedule tasks that you have to do without the children.  These are tasks such as paying bills, menu planning or writing blog posts when you need a block of time to concentrate or are too dangerous to do with small children present, such as shredding paper or ironing.  Schedule these in for nap times or after the children have gone to bed for the night.  

Remember to also schedule play times in with your children and any rest times you need.  

Here's what my daily schedule currently looks like.


5:30 am - Up. Breakfast. Pack Miss S's lunch and books into backpack.  Miss C normally hears me and will wake up at this time.  

5:45 am - Prepare breakfast for the girls.

6:00 am - Shower and dress.  The girls dressed and ready.

7:00 am - Walk Miss S to school bus stop.  In summer Miss C and I head to the park to play after saying goodbye to Miss S. 

7:20 am - Arrive home and start one load of laundry.  Check email.  

7:30 am - Washing up / empty dishwasher.   Clean kitchen.  Meat out to defrost for dinner. Play with Miss C.  

8:30 am - Snack.

8:45 am - Cleaning /weekly tasks.  Swap laundry to tumble dryer.  Miss C plays independently or will help me with chores.  If it is errand day, we will go out at this time and come home for lunch time. 

10:00 am - Play with Miss C.

11:00 am - Lunch time.  Prepare Miss C's snack for preschool and put into backpack.  

11:30 am - Nap for Miss C.  Clean up from lunch.  Check email / work on blog or Etsy shop orders.

12:00 am - Fold and put away laundry.  Cleaning / weekly tasks.  

Afternoon / Evening

1:00 pm - Miss C up from nap.  Dressed and ready for preschool.

1:30 pm - Take Miss C to preschool.

1:45 pm -  Work on blog or Etsy shop orders.

3:00 pm - Collect Miss S from school bus stop.  Collect mail.

3:15 pm - Snack.  Make Miss S's lunch for tomorrow.  Sort mail.  Miss S. starts homework (spellings).

3:45 pm - Collect Miss C from preschool.

4:00 pm - Dinner prep.

5:00 pm - Dinner time.

5:45 pm - Clean up from dinner.  Play with girls.

6:45 pm - Miss C has bath and goes to bed.  I lay out her clothes for the morning.  Miss S tidies up toys and does more homework (reading or math games).

7:15 pm - Miss S chooses her clothes for the morning, then has a bath and reads a story.

7:45 pm - Miss S's bedtime.

8:00 pm - Pick up toys and then relax.  Read blogs.  Crafting time.  Time to myself or with DH.

10:00 pm - Bedtime routine.  Read.

10:30 pm - Lights out.

What does your daily schedule look like?  

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