February 25, 2014

Fun Weekend Trip to Edmonton

This past weekend we took a trip to Edmonton to take the girls to West Edmonton Mall and have a little fun.  

We visited the Galaxy Kids Play Park.  The last time we came, Miss C was too small to join Miss S in the "big girl" area.  This time she was so excited to be able to play with Miss S.  

The play park is in Galaxyland, which is the world's largest indoor amusement park.  

So after the girls had bounced and played for a couple of hours, we took them on some other rides.  The girls really enjoyed the Dragon Wagon roller coaster.    

We also saw the world's largest indoor triple loop roller coaster.

After all that activity, we were hungry.  We ate a quick lunch and walked around the mall taking in the sights. 

The mall also has an underground aquarium which houses sharks, sea turtles, penguins and sting rays.  We all had a great time.  We were even able to touch bamboo sharks, starfish and the sting rays.  

The highlight of the day was watching the sea lion show.  

On Sunday, we drove to the science centre to see the Harry Potter exhibition. This is a travelling exhibition showing the various props and costumes from the movies.  There were no photos allowed in the exhibition, so I cannot show you what it was like.  But it was wonderful.  If you're a fan of the books/movies, I highly recommend that you attend if you can.   

Our tickets also included access to the rest of the science centre, so we had an explore for a couple of hours before driving home.

Super fun weekend and I can't wait until we can do it again!

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