February 12, 2014

Ten Household Tips

1.  If you break a glass on a hard floor, pick up any large pieces carefully.  Sweep the area using a dustpan and brush.  Take a slice of bread or a disc of playdough and gently press it over the area to remove any small shards of glass.

2.  Save the water from boiling eggs.  Cool it down and pour it onto your garden plants (especially tomatoes).  Eggs have a high amount of calcium in the shells which transfers to the water when boiling and the plants love it.

3.  If your shoe lace is frayed, create a new aglet by twisting the lace and dipping the end of it into clear nail polish.  Allow to dry and it will be as good as new.

4.  Freeze leftover wine into ice cubes.  Add into gravies, casseroles or whichever dish you need a little wine in.  

5.  Try using washing up gloves to help twist off a stubborn jar lid.  

6.  After cutting onions or peeling garlic your hands may smell.  Wash them with soap and rub them on the faucet and the smell will be gone.  

7.  Use WD-40 to remove crayon marks from walls.  I use a Q-tip and gently remove the mark.  

8.  Place a folded tea towel at the bottom of your sink before washing delicate china or crystal.  

9.  Place a few grains of rice in your salt shaker.  The rice prevents the salt from clumping in the shaker due to humidity.   

10.  When baking, always measure the oil in a recipe before the honey.  The honey will slide out easily.    

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  1. Great tips.... Number 8 is one I need to use... I have broken quite a few pretty glasses in the sink.... :(

    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique


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