February 19, 2014

Week in Review - February 19, 2014

*  DH has been travelling for the last few weeks, so of course that is the time that the house decides to have fun with me.  I noticed that my shower was not as hot as I would like.  Then when I tried to do the washing up, the water was not running hot.  I ended up boiling the kettle a few times and using that water to wash dishes.  I phoned a few plumbers, but most would not be able to come out for a few days.  One plumber was available to come that afternoon and actually worked around my girls' school schedule!  

We have two water tanks.  One is very hot and the second is luke warm and feeds into the hot tank, so that we never run out of hot water.  Apparently, the hot water tank has a broken part and the only tank feeding the pipes water is the luke warm one.  A short term fix was to change the luke warm tank into a hot water tank.  The plumbers advised that we think about replacing our tanks as they are nine years old and tanks generally only last between 7 and 11 years.  I think we will replace the part that needs replacing and see whether we can get another year of life out of the system.  In the meantime, we will research what kind of hot water tank we would like as technology has changed since we moved into this house.

*  The sensor lights in my garage are supposed to come on when they detect movement, but they have not been working properly.  I can't tell if it's because it has been so cold and the sensor is not working properly or if the electrics are going awry, as it sometimes works, other times not and sometimes just gives a little flicker before turning itself off.    

*  Miss S had Thursday and Friday off school as professional development days and then Monday was Family Day, so a nice long weekend was had.  A lovely friend dropped off her girls' outgrown clothes for my two.

A small selection of the clothes that were donated
She has two girls who are a couple of years older than Miss S, so I was very grateful for the huge bag of clothes that we received.  The girls had a fun time playing fashion show for me.  I have now sorted through their wardrobes and added new to her pieces to Miss S's clothes selection and passed down items to Miss C.  The clothes that have to be grown into have been sorted into boxes and placed into my storage cupboard in the basement.  

A clock that was donated by my friend's girls now has pride of place on Miss C's dresser

*  I decided to round off the week by running over a huge nail and creating a hole in the back tire of my car!  I'm not sure exactly where I ran over a nail, but it happened when I drove Miss C to school on Friday afternoon.  When we returned home, I got out of the car and heard a hissing sound.  I located the sound to the back tire, but couldn't find the hole.  It must have been pretty bad, because the tire already looked flatter.  Miss S and I walked back to school later that afternoon to collect Miss C.  I didn't feel confident trying to change the tire by myself or driving on it to get it to a garage so that they could fix it (especially with the girls in the car).  DH returned from a business trip later that night and put a quick patch on the tire to slow the release of air.  He took it to the garage the next morning and the lovely people fixed my tire for only $40.  Yay! 

*  Monday was Family Day and DH took the girls sledding while I stayed home.  They had a great time, until Miss S tried a new move on her sled (on the advice of her dad!) and fell off the sled as it bounced over a bump in the snow.  She ended up with a bloody nose, chin and bust lip!  She was a brave girl though and only cried a little bit.  She cheered up when DH invited her to eat an ice pop and watch the first Harry Potter movie.  Miss C and I played upstairs and watched Jungle Book, then DH and I swapped places and I watched Harry Potter while he stayed with Miss C.  

*  Tuesday was a hugely important day for me.  I had my citizenship test and interview!  I decided a few years ago that the time was right for me to become a citizen of my adopted country.  I was sent a letter acknowledging my application and a study guide.  This is a 65 page guide all about Canada.  It covers from 1497 to modern day and includes all kinds of facts and dates to remember (history, geography, how parliament works, inventors and other notable Canadians, etc. etc.).  A month ago, I received a letter telling me when to come in for my interview and test and I have been studying hard ever since.  Yesterday was the big day.  I was sick to my stomach with nerves.  Poor Miss C was also sick.  She decided that it would be a good day to have a stomach bug.  Poor little thing threw up all morning until there was nothing left in her tummy.  She was a little trooper as DH drove me to the test and collected me afterwards.  I am so happy to say that I passed the test.  A letter will now be sent advising me of my oath ceremony time and date.  

Today, I'm hoping to get back to some kind of normal.  Back into a routine without having to study at every spare moment and maybe trying to come up with new products for my shop to help support this lovely family of mine.  


  1. My you've had a business week! Congrats on the test. I just spied the vanilla bean cupcakes in your sidebar. I'm going to go check them out. I've had a strange craving for cupcakes this past week.

    1. Thanks Pammy Sue. Do try the cupcakes - they are yummy!


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