June 11, 2014


Up early. Remembered dream where I was starring in a film with Tom Cruise. Drink hot tea. Play at the park with Miss C. Wash dishes. Spray homemade air freshener. Strip beds and wash bedding. Reading a favourite blog. Vacuum bedrooms. Eat Greek yogurt with blueberries. Watch Miss C dancing to music. Clean the bathrooms with pink grapefruit cleaner. 

Baked salmon over salad for lunch. Clean Marlin's water. The fragrance of orange and lemon drifting through the house. Read stories. Build a Lego tower. Create animals out of playdough.  Walk in the sun to preschool. Chat with a friend. Nigella Lawson's "Kitchen" for inspiration. Bake banana muffins. 

Confirm plans for the weekend. Laundry washed. Dinner devoured. Water my vegetable garden. Practice spelling test with Miss S. Tickle fight with the girls. Bedtime cuddles. Hot bath. Victoria magazine.  

Good night.  

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