July 30, 2014

50 Activities for Summer Boredom

50 Activities for Summer Boredom

Summer boredom can easily set in when the children are home all day. Instead of resorting to t.v. to entertain them, choose an activity from this list.    

1.  Visit the library and join the summer reading program.  

2.  Visit a farm.

3.  Plant a garden.

4.  Ask the children to write down their summer bucket list.

5.  Put on a talent show.

6.  Go on a treasure hunt.  Create your own map or go geocaching.   

7.  Make smoothies together.  Come up with new flavour combinations.

8.  Play dress up.

9.  Start a summer nature collection.  Collect rocks, twigs or feathers.  

10.  Play hide and seek.

11.  Visit a local fire station.

12.  Play in the sprinkler or visit a local water park.

13.  Volunteer in your community (visit a food bank, a nursing home or pick up garbage in your neighbourhood).

14.  Have a hula hoop competition.

15.  Create a collage from old magazines, coloured paper, feathers, ribbons and buttons.

16.  Visit the zoo.

17.  Go bowling.

18.  Make homemade instruments and start a band.

19.  Play hopscotch.

20.  Bake together.  

21.  Have an indoor picnic.

22.  Play Simon Says.  

23.  Write letters to friends or family far away.  

24.  Exercise together.  My girls love doing yoga with me.  

25.  Visit a fish hatchery.

26.  Fly a kite.

27.  Press flowers.  

28.  Create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course.  

29.  Make and blow bubbles.  

30.  Have a tea party.

31.  Go swimming.

32.  Create a summer scrapbook. 

33.  Go birdwatching.

34.  Build a fort.

35.  Play bean bag toss.    

36.  Have a dance party.  

37.  Make playdough.   

38.  Play at the park.

39.  Sing songs.

40.  Help with the laundry or other household chores.

41.  Look through family photos.

42.  Visit a local garden centre.

43.  Make and play with sidewalk chalk.  

44.  Do a puzzle.

45.  Play with water.  Have a bath just for fun or practice "washing" the dishes.  

46.  Conduct a fun science experiment.

47.  Make up stories.  One person starts and the next person continues the story.  

48.  Lay in the grass and gaze at the clouds.

49.  Play school.  Create some worksheets and have the children complete them.  

50.  Make tin can stilts.  

How do you keep your children entertained during the summer?


  1. I need to get my kids involved in some things. They are couch ornaments.

  2. Thanks for the list! Boredom is really setting in here!


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