July 23, 2014

Simple Summer Pleasures

Simple Summer Pleasures

How's your summer going?

We have been enjoying ourselves with lots of crafts, painting, fort building and reading.  Here are a few other simple pleasures on our summer bucket list.

1.  Go berry picking

2.  Make s'mores

3.  Go out for ice cream

4.  Visit the beach and build a sandcastle

5.  Eat breakfast on our deck

6.  Go on a family bike ride

7.  Have a picnic lunch at the park

8.  Visit the water park and get wet

9.  Enjoy vegetables straight from the garden

10.  Play mini-golf

What's on your summer wish list?


  1. I'd like to visit the beach at least once... I love the sandcastle, it looks like you are having fun!

  2. Awesome list! My hubby and I will go on vacation in Sept....and we are going to the beach!! I picked blueberries, which is something I haven't done in years.

    Ann @ Cairn Cottage


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