August 06, 2014

Self-Care: Exercise

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Self-care is important for moms. We manage the demands of maintaining a home and looking after children and often have no time to look after ourselves. You may feel guilty for taking time for yourself. You are allowed to take care of yourself during motherhood. Self-care is beneficial in dealing with stress, will recharge you and contributes to your overall happiness.  

Exercise has lots of benefits which we all know. From boosting metabolism, improving mood, decreasing stress, increasing energy and promoting good sleep.  

Try to do 30 minutes a day. Including the children will teach them the importance of regular exercise. This could be riding your bike with the family at the park, playing tag, swimming, practicing yoga or walking around the neighbourhood.  

If you cannot manage 30 minutes at one time, break it down into three 10 minute sessions during the day.  

If you need motivation, try setting small realistic goals. Check off a workout on a checklist each day or sign up for a 5k race and reward yourself once completed. Treat yourself to a spa treatment (at the salon or at home), buy some new music to put on your iPod, read a book, buy some pretty flowers, take a quiet bath or earn a night off from cooking dinner.

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